How Much Does it Cost to Develop ERP Software?

OdooTankSolution How Much Does it Cost to Develop ERP Software?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop ERP Software?

Since you are here, and considering the costs of ERP software development, the question we need to ask you is — does your business focus on the present, or is it building for the future? 


If your answer is “building for the future,” then continue reading. 


According to a report, the average budget for an ERP  development is $9000. However, the cost to develop an ERP software is circumstantial. It is like a thread that keeps unraveling and is unique to each business. 


Let’s discuss the factors that contribute to an ERP development project’s cost. 


Components of an ERP Development Budget 


If you want to digitally transform your company, and want a centralized and streamlined system for all your organizational activities, then you are looking to make ERP systems the backbone of your digital endeavor.


Company’s Needs 


The first thing you need to determine is what your company requires. From the number of users to the features you want to integrate to the ERP vendor you choose, costs will vary.


Picking the number of users relies on not only the number of people who would be using the ERP system right now but also the ones who would utilize it once you scale your business. 


Besides that, the more useful features you add to your the greater your experience will be with the ERP system. These include:


  • Automation 
  • Common databases 
  • Interaction 
  • Data analysis 
  • Management 
  • Real-time tracking 


And more! 


So, it is important to first gauge your requirements, and then pick a vendor that suits your budget best. The right strategy is also a step in the right direction to improve the ROI of the new system. 


Modules and Customizations 


To offer your customers and employees added services, you may require third-party add-ons to be integrated. 


You should also need to choose a specific module for your ERP software, such as retail or supply chain management to gain increased functionality in your system. 


The cost of these would depend on the services and modules you choose, and the vendor you plan to buy from.


Expert Implementation


While ERP systems are user-friendly, they still require experts for implementation and operation, which would also add to the cost. You may be required to pay an hourly development rate, or project-based. Here’s why you need expert ERP developers


  • Experts make the implementation process smoother and easier for you and your team to manage. 
  • They would also be available for customization and training your teams to work with the ERP system more efficiently. 
  • Developers can also help you in the future with any bugs or issues with your system.
  • They can help you with the upkeep and the maintenance of it all. 




ERP systems offer great customization and flexibility to adapt to ever-evolving businesses and market trends. Typically, the timeline and cost for the project depend on its scope, complexity, and requirements. Our development team can guide you according to your specific needs and objectives. 

Frankie J

Odoo Consultant