Odoo Implementation Help for Manufacturing Businesses

OdooTankSolution Odoo Implementation Help for Manufacturing Businesses

Odoo Implementation Help for Manufacturing Businesses

Manufacturing requires several complex operations, and to stay ahead of the game, you need a process that is efficient, effective and streamlined. Today’s fast-paced business environment brings manufacturing companies face various industry-specific challenges such as productivity fluctuations, supply chain disruptions and increased competition, which in result hinders their growth.

With a growing business, it’s ideal to have a centralized system to help manage your business better. Odoo’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) also comes with a manufacturing module that specializes in regulating all aspects of large-scale production by assisting you in tasks like hiring skilled workers, generating invoices, tracking product items, cost cutting, demand forecasting and more.

Let’s discover in detail Odoo’s benefits for manufacturing companies.  




Odoo ERP’s digitized solutions enable data-driven decision-making, reducing the need for manual tasks such as creating invoices, managing inventory, and processing orders. Your manufacturing company no longer needs to rely on manual entries as Odoo automates the various business processes.  You can automate tasks such as:


  • Inventory updates
  • Creating and sending invoice
  • Tracking orders
  • Fulfillment and distribution
  • Generating production orders and scheduling


Quality Assurance


Quality is paramount in any business. With Odoo’s wide range of features, you can never go wrong with quality at various stages of the production process. The company can set quality checks based on specific triggers and schedule tasks accordingly, from pre-production to the final stage.

For instance, if discrepancies arise and maintenance is needed, the tool assists in quickly identifying and resolving issues, thereby bolstering product quality and customer satisfaction. This system not only eliminates the chance of human error but also optimizes your business by providing control over production, preventive maintenance, and quality checks.


Improved Communication


Odoo serves as a platform that keeps the entire organization connected from top management to floor workers. It helps bolster communication between stakeholders to help run smoother operations.  Besides internal communication, Odoo also facilitates seamless external interactions with vendors, suppliers and distributors.  The real-time notifications from one system to another ensures a streamlined manufacturing process.


Easier Financial Management


Accounting is one aspect of business that every business owner equally dreads. To say the least, it’s a hectic, chaotic, and complex process. However, Odoo’s ERP implementation considerably reduces these challenges.

The system collects all financial data into a centralized-system which eliminates the necessity of manual reconciliation or cross-posting information. Some added features that help manage finances better for your manufacturing business are:


  • Bill of materials management
  • Cost analysis
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)


With unprecedented insights into all aspects of your business, you end up with an ideally strategic accounting department and increased productive value.


Demand Forecasting


Demand forecasting is crucial to help allocate your resources effectively in a manufacturing business, thereby aiding in reduced expenditure. Unpredictability in demand makes it challenging for manufacturers to understand when demand would be high or low and demand forecasting can get complicated due to the following variables:


  • Fluctuations in market conditions
  • Economic trends
  • Consumer behavior


Improper forecasting leads to overproduction, leading to increased or underproduction, which may cause customer dissatisfaction or losing sales opportunities.  Odoo’s platform enables demand forecasting for making data-driven decisions and helps take wiser manufacturing decisions.  Need help in odoo implementation? Contact OdooTank team!

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