Odoo ERP Implementation for Hotel Management

OdooTankSolution Odoo ERP Implementation for Hotel Management

Odoo ERP Implementation for Hotel Management

Innovative technology can turn any business around for success by efficiently meeting the ever-changing demands of the market, all the while maintaining profitability. One such tool in the market is Odoo.


If you are from the hospitality industry looking to make significant improvements in your workflow and revenue, an Odoo-based hotel management system is exactly what you need.


Odoo is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that helps integrate myriads of functions across a business, such as accounting, marketing, human resources, manufacturing, sales, and more. You can also opt for odoo app development for further convenience.


Let’s find out how Odoo ERP implementation for hotel management can benefit your business, and how we can help you with it.


Reservation to Checkout 


To err is to human, and it is inevitable to make mistakes during the reservation process when done manually. If you are still using old-age software like Excel, it’s time to move on to Odoo.


To avoid customer conflicts, and improve their experience, Odoo’s reservation management offers the following benefits:


Saves time and money by reducing operational costs by minimizing labor as well as reducing the likelihood of costly errors.


Improved communication with guests through automated confirmations, reminders, and personalized communications. Also allows you to upsell services and gather valuable feedback.


With real-time room availability, guests can book only in a few minutes, helping attract more a more bookings with a smoother booking process.


…and that is only the tip of the iceberg.


Recruitment to Payrolls


The HR Resource Management feature allows assistance with online and offline recruitment processes. The system also allows you to reach operational harmony by helping you draft employee contracts, manage employee attendance, vacation schedules, leaves, times off, and more, more efficiently.


Food to Toiletries 


Stock and inventory management is one of the basic requirements for any business, and the same goes for the hospitality industry. With Odoo, you will always be updated on what ingredients are needed to run the restaurant’s kitchen, along with toiletries and complimentary snacks in the room. You can even keep count of cleaning items and hospitality tools.


One such example of interrupted services could be when housekeeping supplies are running low, the system can generate an automatic request in the vendor management system for the purchase of replenished stock to prevent disruption of service.


Dry Cleaning to Room Cleaning 


The system allows you to efficiently keep an eye on housekeeping tasks. You can add notes for housekeepers about customer’s preferences and how long they plan on staying, ensuring every client’s needs are met effectively.


You can even create customized checklists on Odoo’s ERP to make sure that all the hotel’s cleanliness standards are met before customer arrival.


Why Odoo with OdooTank?


Odoo’s centralized system simplifies workflow, minimizes the need for disparate systems and offers a unified workflow. With years of experience under our bag, we implement the Odoo platform to best meet your hotel’s operational requirements. Our team of experts offers Odoo services such as Odoo implementation,Odoo website development, the system customization. From the initial assessment to post-implementation support, helping you transition to Odoo’s powerful platform.

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